Lime Juice added with Ginger and Ice a Lovely drink

Lemon/Lime is rich in:-

  • Vitamin C
  • Flavonoids
  • Citric Acid

DrinkingLemon/ Lime juice will relieve you from:-

  • Constipation
  • Common Cold
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Asthma
  • Ulcer
  • Cancer

Method of Preparation of a Tasty Lime Juice:-
Take Lemon out of the refrigerator and roll it over a hard surface with your palm and then squeeze it take the juice. You can add water and sugar and a little salt(1/2 a pinch). You can a little piece of ginger after peeling and cut into smaller pieces and put them into mixie and add the lime juice and if you want to have it cold add a cube of ice and grind. Then filter the mixture and you will your lime juice very tasty. As drinking lime juice by sipping the glass will affect the teeth enamels and you can better use straw for drinking lime juice.

Some Myths about Lemon/Lime Juice:-

  • Lemon Juice will increase cold, cough an fever
  • Drinking Lemon Juice will cause Throat Infection
  • Asthma Patients should not drink Lime Juice

Lime Juice can be taken with Honey added to it. In Weight Management, both for increasing weight and decreasing weight, you may be advised to drink Lime water mixed with Honey in the morning. For reducing weight you have to use hot or warm water and for increasing weight you have to add cold water. Though both the methods are not proved ones, you need not doubt the health benefits of drinking lime water whether with sugar, salt or honey.

Lemon is used in Beauty Care for Face Skin Maintenance and for Hair Cleaning from Dandruf. In the manufacture of Toilet soaps, Shampoos and Hair Oils lime juice extract is used due to its medical benefits. Lime juice can be used for cleaning brass and other metal vessels. It is used in detergents and floor cleaners.

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