Valedictory Resolutions and Announcements of the First World Classical Tamil Conference

“The First World Tamil Conference” held from 23rd June 2010 to 27th June 2010 for five days was inaugurated by the Indian President Mrs. Pratibha Devisingh Patil and the valedictory function was attended by the Union Finance Minister
Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and Home Minister Mr.P Chidambaram.“The First World Classical Tamil Conference” has:-

  • emphasized that the Indian Government should insist upon the Sri Lankan Government to ensure that appropriate steps be taken to settle once and for all, the myriad problems that the Tamils in Sri Lankan are facing.
  • urged the Central Government of India to make Tamil one of the official languages of the country.
  • emphasised that if there is some delay in making the languages of the states as official languages of the Central Government of India, as a first step, the Classical language Tamil should be made the official language of the Centre. Also it is urged the Centre to recognize and accept Tamil as an official language in Madras High Court.• urged the Central Government of India to sanction sufficient funds for research and development of Tamil language, on par with those allocated for Sanskrit. Also insisted upon the Centre to set up the proposed ‘Indian National Institute of Epigraphy’ in Chennai.
  • unanimously demanded the Central Government of India to work out a detailed plan for taking up ocean archaeology research for Kumari Continent and Poompuhar buried in the ocean.
  • decided that Tamil Works should be translated into other Indian, Asian and European Languages and efforts would be made for translating well-known Tamil works into other Indian, Asian and European Languages and vice-versa and translation of works in Science, Technology, Engineering and Computer Science that developed a scientific bent of mind.
  • pointed out that this conference was being organised after a gap of 15 years and henceforth, “the World Tholkappiar Classical Tamil Sangam” at Madurai, which has international scholars, would take steps for conducting the “World Classical Tamil Meets” at regular intervals. The Sangam would also bring together the scattered centers of Tamil research and unite them into an organized one and honor Tamil savants and those who selflessly devoted themselves for the cause of Tamil, besides utilizing their services for the growth of Tamil.
  • decided to establish a permanent exhibition for displaying Dravidian language, art and culture and lifestyle and set up an archive that would contain all aspects of Tamil language. The Sangam would also prepare and maintain a record of the biographical data of all Tamil scholars in the world and establish contacts with all the Tamil organisations in the world.
  • decided for the Allocation of Rs. 100 crore to develop Tamil. The State Government of Tamilnadu would allocate Rs 100 crore to create a fund for developing Tamil and sought the Central Government’s assistance for the purpose.

Mr.P Chidambaram, the Home Mininster of India has urged Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi to allocate Rs 10 crore annually as incentive for writing and releasing new Tamil books, particularly in education.

He also said that there were no Tamil books in subjects like literature, medical, scientific and technical, computer and mathematics fields and steps must be taken to bring out Tamil books in all the above subjects.

He also urged people of Tamilnadu, particularly children, to speak in Tamil so that this living language would continue to live for many more years. Parents should at least make it a point to converse in Tamil with their children”.

In the Debate held during the Conference, a Tamil Scholar Mr.S.P. Veerapandian requested the Tamil people to put their signature in Tamil.

“Kanian Poongundranar Award” was given during the conference to Mr. Vijayan for developing Tamil Software.

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