Modern Life Style Habits and Health

In the present modern life style, we do not take care of our health and the consequences of our eating habits and other styles of life. 
Only when we land into trouble we realize the bad state of affairs being the side effects of the modern life style.
The fast paced life style is creating dangerous disorders on our health and we begin to feel it only above the age of 40. 
Nowadays even at the age of 30 the symptoms of problems are felt.

There is an old saying , “We are what we eat” which holds good even today. 
If we are consuming high calorie foods and not doing enough exercise, it will affect our health very soon.  
We have to be more careful when we are approaching the age of 40. Diabetes, respiratory infection, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and osteoporosis are some main problems, people in this age group confront with. 
The food habits and unhealthy lifestyle are the main contributors.

The most important period in life is between forty and fifty. It is in this period we have to bear more responsibilities in our profession as well as family. 
We will have to travel often, attend multiple meetings, manage a team and meet targets or deadlines. 
Our children will be in their teens and need more care towards their education. The teens need varies from materialistic to emotional. 
On the other side we have to cope with financial stress. 
To plan for the imminent arrival of the retirement period and the rising expenses put enormous stress on us.

When nearing 60 the responsibilities will get reduced. 
But the damage done to the health in our busy 40s may be difficult to reverse.
Given our busy schedules, we have little time for any physical exercise. The stress and strain filled life style, long working hours and unhealthy eating habits further complicate the matters.

As in most families both the parents are working, we find little or no time to cook in the house. 
We rely mainly on ready to cook food and junk food. These high calorie foods not only affect the health of the parents but also the next generations in their house. 
Moreover today’s job or profession is highly demanding which makes us working for long hours, leaving little time to look after our house and children.
This automatically push us to the easiest choice of ready-to-eat junk foods. These foods consists of high calories and has artificial coloring and preservatives. 
So there is no wonder why these foods are serious health hazards over a period of time. 
Using ready made foods deprives one of essential vitamins and minerals which are rich in our traditional foods.Normally vegetables and fruits find no place in our food menu.

Frequent consumption of junk foods with irregular intake of meals may contribute to many health problems such as acidity. gastroenteritis, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. 
Due to these factors people in this age group complain of fatigue. 
Those above 40 have no other option but to modify their dietary intake and lifestyle to optimize their health and avoid old age ailments. 
We have to take more of whole grains and legumes, fruits and vegetables. We must prefer lean meat and take more protein rich food.
Avoiding bad habits altogether is advisable. 
We must reduce alcohol consumption slowly and quit smoking.

Dietary supplements or nutritional supplements is a must in this world of hectic lifestyle. 
Because home-cooking contributes only a little to our daily food and today’s fruits and vegetables are contaminated and lack proper nutritional values. 
So regarding nutrition, there is a huge gap between what we need and what we get. 
This deprives our inner organs the essential nutrition they need to function normally.

We must take micro-nutrient fortified foods. 
We must have a health drink rich in vitamins and minerals. 
We have to include more fibrous foods with zero sugar and cholesterol. 
We have to plan our daily intake so that our food is balanced with essential nutrients. This helps to get the daily quota of nutrients. 
A balanced diet helps to improve the immunity level and keep us healthier.

The dietary supplements help to provide nourishment but are not a full substitute to a regular balanced diet. 
The next most important thing is doing regular physical exercise. 
Walking is the best and the easiest form of physical exercise. 
We must go for a thirty to forty five minutes brisk walking daily. Regular exercise helps to burn excess calories and avoids becoming obesity. 
It helps to maintain good health.

Adequate and right sleep is yet another important factor for maintaining good health. 
Sleeping should neither be too much nor be inadequate. 
“Early to bed and early from bed” will keep us healthy. 
We go to bed late and get up late or in a hurry and our health and our work get spoilt. 
We must somehow plan to have right sleep at the right timings.

We must have take regular periodical health check-ups for sugar level, cholesterol and blood pressure. 
We must change our eating habits. 
We must take more vegetables and fruits and give importance to home cooking. 
Our intake of calories should be less than the spent calories. 
Only making the necessary adjustments in our routine life will keep away the modern life style disorders.

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