Beware of Emails seeking Personal Informations from Fake Income Tax Department

Nowadays, e-mails are received by many persons in India from a fake website of Income Tax Department of India fraudulently created and operated by some American Company seeking Personal Informations such as:- Details of Financial Transactions/ Secret password/s/Internet Passwords/Transaction Passwords /Details of credit cards/PIN numbers of ATM cards etc.The e-mails will state that personal information is being sought ostensibly for the purpose of sending income tax refunds and warns of penal consequences of non-furnishing thereof.Upon receiving the information of such a fraud misusing the name of Income-Tax Department of India, the officials of Indian IT Department have clarified that:-Income-Tax Department will not send any e-mail asking the Income-Tax Payers and the public to send any personal informatioIncome-Tax Department will not seek such details online·

The details of the tax payers are obtained either electronically or in the hard copy according to prescribed procedures and by prescribed authorities at the time of filing of returns.According to the Income-Tax Department, Tax-Payers and Public must always logon to the web-site of the Income-Tax Department by typing the proper URL in the address bar and give their User- ID and Password only at the authenticated login page.

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