The Hike in the Ordinary Second Class Railway Fares Rolled Back by the New Railways Minister Mukul Roy !

In the recent Indian Railways Budget presented by the Railways Minister Mr.Dinesh Trivedi, all the Passenger Fares had been hiked.
However, the hikes in the Passengers Fares were opposed by many, including Mr. Trivedi’s party Chief Ms. Mamata Bannerjee, the President of Trinamool Congress.

She insisted that Mr.Trivedi should be removed from the post of Railways Minister and she suggested Mr. Mukul Roy for the post of Indian Railways Minister.

Accordingly, Mr. Dinesh Trivedi resigned and Mr. Mukul Roy was sworn in as the Indian Railways Minister.

In the final Indian Railways Budget, the hikes to the Second Class Passengers for second class suburban and non-suburban and sleeper class travel fare by 2 paise, 3 paise and 5 paise per km, as it was a “huge drain on the pocket of the masses” , according to the present Railways Minister Mr.Mukul Roy.

It is notable that the hike for 3 Tier AC fares and Chair Cars also have been withdrawn, as the 3 Tier AC and AC CC classes are under the “Second Class”.

However, the fare for the 2 Tier AC which is also under “Second Class” is not withdrawn.
And the new Indina Railways Tariff will have hikes in the following 3 High End Classes only fares:

  • First Class,
  • First Class-AC,
  • 2 Tier AC.

However, the Cost of Platform Tickets will be Rs 5/- as increased from Rs 3/- by Mr. Trivedi.

While the roll back in the Fares for the Second Class Sleeper and second class suburban and non-suburban fares appear reasonable, the hikes for all the AC Classes should have been kept undisturbed.

Also the hike in the cost of Platform Tickets is also unfair as it would be anti-people, if viewed from the same approach of burden to the masses.

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