A Proposal to Reform School Education System in India

Mr.Kapil Sibal, the Union Human Resources Development Minister has announced a proposal to replace all state level boards of education in India by a single board of education and to make the Class 10 examination optional to the students.

The examinations of 10th standard cannot be completely removed for a number of reasons.Those students who do not intend to leave school or change schools after Class 10 should not have to appear for the 10th Standard board examinations. For them internal assessments should be enough to move up to Class 11.

This reform in the Indian School education system may take a year or two to be implemented. Also there are plans to introduce a “Grade based Assessment System” to replace the present procedure of Marks.

The Central Board of Secondary Education will be the first board to introduce such a grading system in the country. The government will also explore the possibility of setting up an independent accreditation body for schools to ensure quality.

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