What is a Blog?

After the invention of Computers and development of Internet, people started “blogging” even long before the names “blog” and “blogging” were coined. 

 “Log on the Web” or “Web Log” was the root of the name “blog”. 

Blogging became very popular after the introduction of “automated blogging facilities”, such as those provided by “Blogger.com” launched in the year 1999.

Blog is a Website/Personal Online Journal, frequently/daily updated and the contents posted in Chronological order and are presented to the visitors in the reverse Chronological order. 

However links to the previous postings wherever necessary and relevant are given in the posts of blogging. 

Links to other blogs are also given wherever possible. There are no hard and fast rules in blogging. 

So Blogging can be called a “Scientific Art”. Nowadays, apart from Individuals, Companies and News-papers also are blogging.  

Individuals blogging nowadays include, popular public persons like ‘Cine Actors’ and ‘Sportsmen’. 

The blogs published by the Individuals will reflect their individual ideas and thoughts, while the blogs by companies will reflect the corporate thinking of the company. 

The Actors and Sportsmen will focus their individual views in their blogs to interact and communicate with their fans. 

Hitherto, blogs have been Personal Diaries of the Individuals, but because of the interaction by the readers and visitors, blogging has become inter- personal and interactive.

The Definition of Blogging may be summarized as follows:-

  • “Blogging” is a Scientific Art
  • and an advanced mode of instant mutual and multiple communication,
  • of publishing “Online Journal/s”,
  • by Individuals or Companies,
  • giving information and contents on a variety of matters or
  • on specific matters,
  • posting in chronological order,
  • and providing in reverse chronological order to the reader,
  • updating frequently/daily,
  • expressing the blogger’s views and comments,
  • and inviting the readers’ or the visitors’ views and comments
  • on the matter and manner of “Blogging”,
  • and providing links to other related posts in the same blog
  • or in any other relevant blog/s,
  • and being open to and accessible by anybody browsing on the Internet.

As everything in the world is subject to change and improvement, “Blogging” also will have continuous changes and improvements. 

“Micro Blogging” will get improved and some blogs may be restricted to some group/s of people at the choice of the ‘Bloggers’.  

With the technological development in the field of Internet and Blogging, now it is possible to blog with Videos. 

Even it will be possible to have “Talking Blogs”/Audio Blogs”, in the place of or along with the written blogs. 

Blogging will exist and develop with the existence and development of Internet.

Read “What is a Blog?” By Mr.Daniel of Daily Blog Tips

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Surveillance Private Investigator
Surveillance Private Investigator
4 years ago

Grrr, I have a blog on my website and it sucks. I actually
removed it, but may need to bring it back again. You gave me inspiration!
Keep on writing!