Precautions to be taken in watching latenight World Cup Football Matches

The World Cup Footbal Matches are conducted from 11th June 2010, as scheduled and the Finals will be on 11th July 2010.Many football fans in India are watching the matches on television. Many matches are in the late night for watchers from India.
To watch football matches live will be preferred by the football fans rather than watching the recorded matches. Doctors advise the Indian Football fans to take precautions in watching football matches late –night as a balanced diet and adequate sleep are must for the health.

As many of the matches involving big teams are in late-night for Indian timing, football fans tend to cut short their sleeping hours during night and some fans even skip their dinner for watching matches played by their favourite teams and favourite players.

The sudden change in timings of sleep and diet in many people who watched late-night football matches have already caused stomach ailments and indigestion. To avoid dehydration that may be caused by staying late at night more of water and fresh juices must be taken in. At the same time hard drinks and junk food should be avoided.

As advised by doctors and dieticians, dinner must be taken in time and a glass of skimmed milk may be taken before going to sleep by people watching football matches.

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