160 Years Old Indian Telegraph Services Will Be Stopped Soon !

In India Telegraph Services have been operated by the British / Indian Government since more than 160 years.

The Indian telegraph services had been useful to communicate urgent and important messages related to both happy and sad incidents, such as births, serious illness, deaths, greetings on weddings, anniversaries, condolence messages etc.  and business /official related  messages.

In India, banks had been using telegrams for their funds -transfer messages using coded /tested messages.

The Government of India has been using the mode of telegraph for sending telegrams and the department of telegrams had been attached with the postal services.

As and when telecommunications by means of telephones and mobile phones have improved the telegraph department was linked with the telecommunications department and Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited/BSNL.

Phonograms- booking for telegrams over phone was introduced by the telegraph department and code numbers were given for standard telegrams for Independence Day/Republic Day Wishes, Greetings on Festivals and Special occasions and General Greetings.

The staff members of the Indian telegraphic department were given computer training and computers have been used in sending and receiving telegrams.

As communication has become faster and easier by use of telephones, mobile phones and internet, the services of telegraph have become out-dated.

The Government of India /BSNL, after consultation with the Indian Postal Department, has decided to completely stop the telegraphic services w.e.f. 15th July 2013.

The staff members of the telegraph offices would be deployed to the various sections of the BSNL, such as mobile services, landline telephones and broadband services.

Good- Bye! Indian Telegraph Department!!

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