Escalators and Elevators Provided in All the Platforms of Kozhikode Railway Station

In the process of providing ‘escalators and elevators/lifts to all the platforms of the railway stations throughout India, the ‘Kozhkode Railway Station” has become the first Indian Railway Station to have the ‘escalators and elevators’ in all the platforms.

The following are the details of the ‘escalators and the elevators’ provided in the platforms of the ‘Kozhikode Railway Station’ set up at a cost of Rs 2.5 crores:

  • Two sets of escalators at the first platform with a capacity of 18,000 persons per hour,
  • Three elevators/lifts  each in platform no’s 1,3, and 4 with a capacity of carrying  11 persons at a time.

Thus ‘Kozhikode Railway Station’ has become a friendly railway station to the senior citizens and differently abled persons.

In order to modernize the railway station, works are in progress in the Kozhikode Railway Station for the constructions of:

  • A  new building for the reservation office,
  • A waiting room at the fourth platform  and
  • A fancy Restaurant to be set up in a bogey at the fourth platform.

According to the Railway Authorities, the modern facilities will be provided soon  in all the following  the Railway Stations in Kerala:

  • Thiruvanamthapuram,
  • Kollam,
  • Ernakulam,
  • Kayamkula and
  • Shornur.

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