Low Blood Pressure- Hypo Tension will lead to Heart Diseases

Blood Pressure must not be high or low, and only normal blood pressure will keep us healthy. High Blood Pressure is dangerous leading to Heart Diseases and Brain Stroke. Normally,low blood pressure is good for health, as the dangers of high blood pressure are avoided. However, when Blood Pressure becomes very low causing weakness and fatigue, Low Blood Pressure is unhealthy. Low Blood Pressure or HypoTension is blood pressure below the normal range, when the action of heart forcing the blood through the arteries will be weak. Blood flow to the cells of various parts of the body will be reduced due to low blood pressure. Due to reduced blood flow to the heart cells, angina and chest pain will be caused, leading to hear attack.

Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure:-

  • Dizziness,
  • weakness,
  • fatigue,
  • lethargy and
  • occasional fainting.

Causes of Low Blood Pressure:-

  • Faulty nutrition and malnutrition,
  • deficiency of : Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Protein and Calories,
  • loss of blood,
  • side effects of medications taken after some surgeries,
  • emotional problems,
  • prolonged frustration and disappointments and
  • worrying over small and routine matter.

Treatment of Low Blood Pressure at home
For the Low Blood Pressure patients the following diet schedule can be followed:-

  • a well-balanced diet,
  • a cup of ‘Raw Beet root juice’ twice daily
  • Salt helps restore normal Blood Pressure levels; half a teaspoon salt dissolved in water should be taken daily till required level is reached.
  • walking, swimming, bicycling,
  • sun and air bath daily

  • wrong thinking,fear, unnecessary worries and overwork should be avoided.

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