“AppleComputers”- Co-Founder Steve Jobs was Influenzed by India

Late. Mr.Steve Jobs, co- founder of ‘Apple Computers ‘ was an ‘Hippie’ and a College- drop-out and he was working as a Technician in ‘Atari’-A Video Game Manufacturer.In the year 1970, Mr. Jobs took leave for a period of 7 months and visited India in search of spiritual enlightenment.

After his return from India, Mr.Jobs founded ‘Apple Computers’ along with Mr. Steve Wozniak in his parents’ garage with an initial investment of $ 1,300.According to Mr.Walter Issacson, the biographer of Mr. Steve Jobs, India had taught Jobs “Intuition” and the seven months spent by Jobs had not been a waste of time and Mr.Jobs’ design sense was greatly influenced by the simplicities of Zen Buddhism.

Mr. Walter Issacson has published the biography of Mr. Steve Jobs.

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