Train Fares Hiked Suddenly by the Indian Railways Minister w.e.f.21 01 2013

The Indian Railways Minister Mr.P.K.Bansal has suddenly announced on 9th January 2013, an across the board hike in passenger fares w.e.f. 21st January 2013.

However, the Railways Minister has declared that there would not be any further hike in the train fares in the next Railways Budget-2013-14.

The Railways Minister hopes that the people would understand the need for fares-hike. The next Railways Budget is due within less than next 2 months.

The new hike the railway passenger fares will range
from 2 paise per km on basic fare in the case of second-class ordinary [suburban] passengers 
to 10 paise per km for  AC chair car and AC first-class passengers.

The following will be the increase in passenger-fare per km for various classes:
 Class                            /                       Increase in fare per  km

  • Second Class(Ordinary)- Sub-Urban – 2 paise/km
  • Second Class(Ordinary)- Non-Sub-urban- 3 paise/km
  • Second Class(Mail/Express)- 4 paise/km
  • Second Class Sleeper- 6 paise/km
  • A/C Chair Car- 10 paise/km
  • A/C 3 Tier- 10 paise/km
  • FIRST CLASS-  *3 paise/km (10 paise / km increased w.e.f. 01 04 2012)
  • A/C 2 Tier-  *6 paise/km (15 paise / km increased w.e.f 01 04 2012)
  • FIRST CLASS A/C- *10 paise/km (30 paise / km increased w.e.f 01 04 2012)

Note:* In addition to increase of 10 paise per km in case of First Class, 15 paise per km in case of AC 2Tier and 30 paise per km in case of AC First / Executive Class already implemented w.e.f. 01-04-12.  

The present practice of levying developmental charges on passenger tickets will be stopped and all chargeable fares will be  in multiples of 5 Rupees.

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SMS in Hindi
SMS in Hindi
11 years ago

railway employees are paid fat salaries with so many perks and bonuses for their ineffecient work they do, why cannot this goverment reduce their salaries to overcome the deficit so the poor people who depend on railways will be spared.