Biography of Michael Jackson-King of Pop Music

The world famous Pop singer Michael Jackson died at 50 years at Los Angeles, during the period when he was preparing for his come-back as a popular singer again after the break in his music career.
Michael Jackson started performing on the stage even when he was very young along with his other Jackson brothers.
Michael Jackson’s high pitch voice and his unique dance made him very popular from among his other brothers.
In the 1980’s Michael Jackson became popular as a Solo Singer in Pop music.
Michael Jackson had face bleeching and plastic surgery to change his face during the time he was becoming more and more popular.
In May 1994 Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of the Singer Elvis and the couple got separated after one and half year.
In the year 1996 Michael Jackson married his ex-dermatologist Debbie Row. The couple had two children. The couple got divorce in the year 1999.
Debbie Row left the two children at the custody of Michael Jackson. MJ also had another child named Prince Michael II. In November 2002 MJ was pictured dangling his son Prince out of the window of a Berlin hotel.Michael Jackson’s later life was with child abuse allegations and MJ came out of the allegations by compromise with the accusers in the year 1994
Michael Jackson was making rehearsals for 50 shows for which the tickets were sold out in March 2009.

Michael Jackson’s sale was about 750 million dollars. He also has received13 Grammy Awards for his achievements in the field of music and dance.
In June 2009 Michael Jackson was under medical treatment for some skin disease. He was pictured while he was coming out of a clinic.

In July 2009 Michael Jackson’s death message came as a shock to his family members and fans and the cause of his death remains still a mystery.

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