Biggest King Cobra Ever Found In The World

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The Picture given below is of the ‘Biggest King Cobra” ever found and caught in the world.

The world’s biggest ‘King Cobra’ was caught in Aralam Farm, situated at 55 kms east of Kannur Town, in the State of Kerala in India, by Mr.Sreenath on 7th March 2009.

The world’s biggest ‘King Cobra’ caught as above had been 3.8 metres/ 12 Feet and 5 Inches long and of weight 35 kgs.

Sreenath Holding the Biggest King Cobra Ever Found in the Word

Mr.Sreenath was selected and appointed in its ‘Wild Life Adventures’ crew, by the National Geographic Channel/NGC.

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55 Responses to "Biggest King Cobra Ever Found In The World"

  1. I think this is not a biggest KING COBRA snake in the world. I am Vietnamese , on 15 march 2004. a Cambodian snake hunter met me and he wanted to sell a King cobra which 15 kg and 5 m length. I note once again that it was a King cobra Snake. Cause my uncle had brought a big one before. unfortunately, he wanted to sell the snake with 1000 USD , the price was too high. so we denied to buy it. I think it was a really terrible SNAKE in this earth. I hope that the snake was still alive and it could be saved by someone before it was killed to make a medicine.

  2. definitely a fake.
    If any fool tried to hold a cobra the way this guy is supposed to be doing, that snake would spin around and strike him in a heartbeat.
    what a scam.

  3. mandeep chaudhary · Edit

    king cobra is the snake having ability to spin while holding…….so the way this person holds
    it clearly reveals its fake

  4. There are always some fools who are satisfied with their limited knowledge about the world. Being a journalist who studied about the King Cobras in Malampuzha Snake Park I know this is not at all an IMPOSSIBLE effort. Any Congratulations Mr.Sreenath!!!! But a request – PLEASE DO NOT SEND KING COBRAS TO ANY OF OUR SNAKE PARKS. Send them back to our rain forests please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    King Cobras get Heart attacks in our zoos, doctors say.

  5. People who think this is impossible….Haven't you guys seen Gery Martin soothing the kings head??kings can be tamed(for a very short period of time after it kinda gets exhausted with the effort to escape from the wranglers hand) for a short photo session like this with the proper hold…

  6. FRAUD
    biggest king cobra was about 18 ft long
    euthanized due to the outbreak of world war 2
    although specimens ranging from 14-18.8 feet are found
    this is fraud and disgrace

  7. this is sooo badly fraud because there are clearly 2 pictures there and yes, no one couuld hold a King Cobra like that.

    still i admire their forgery, nice handiwork!

  8. Also do not forget that this guy might be smaller in size compared to Steve Austin. Naturally the cobra will look bigger in his hands and in comparison to his height. But 10 footers are very common in India.

  9. Could be fake but I have seen A 15 feet dried skin minus the head of a king cobra in Sumatra on an island the local snake killer has killed ones 20ft long cause it killed a local boy so 12ft is small in comparison yes

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