Dry Skin is the Cause of Heel Cracks

“Feet/Heel Cracks” or “Cracked Heels” or “Heel Fissures” are common foot problem to many people. Dry Skin is the cause of Heel Cracks. When the cracks become deeper it will be painful and there will be difficulty in walking and some people will develop Callus or Heel Thorns along with Cracked Heels.

The skin in heels for some people will be normally dry and the thickened dry sick will tend to crack, due to walking. Some other factors for getting cracked heels are as follows:-

  • Prolonged Standing on hard floors
  • Being overweight/Obese
  • Open back on the shoes or chappals
  • skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema
  • Some medical conditions such as:-Autonomic neuropathy and Underactive thyroid

Where sweating will be less leading to dryness of skin

Treatment for Cracked Heels:-

  • Using mild soap and washing the feet gently with lukewarm water
  • Scrubing lightly with a pumice stone and cleaning
  • Applying any vegetable oil to the cracked area
  • Applying some oil based cream
  • Wearing thick cotton socks
  • Applying lemon juice to the cracked heel daily
  • Applying regularly a mixture of glycerin and rosewater on the heels
  • Applying a mixture of mustard oil and melted paraffin wax
  • Soaking the feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes before going to bed
  • Massaging the feet with mustard oil and washing it in the morning

Some Tips for healing Cracked Heels:-

  • Avoid walking barefoot especially on hard and muddy surfaces
  • Keep your feet dry and clean them immediately after coming from outside
  • Eat foods rich in:- Calcium, Minerals, Vitamins, Iron and Zinc such as:-

Green leafy vegetables, cereals, milk, cheeses, yoghurt, whole grain products, nuts, broccoli, chicken, fish, brown rice and eggs

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15 years ago

I use crazy glue to glue the broke skin together which keeps it from hurting,tearing more and helps knit the skin back together, I also get a pedicure every two weeks to remove the dry skin and I use Gold Bond on my feet every night, I’ve tried other foot creams but I think Gold Bond is the best.

6 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

You can file that under “101 uses for Crazy Glue.”