How To Book Train Tickets Online Without Bank Cards?

While booking train tickets online, payments for the cost of tickets are to be made from  the bank accounts or bank credit card accounts, using Banks’-ATM/Debit cards, Credit cards or  Internet Banking.
Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is going to launch shortly, a ‘Rolling Deposit Scheme’ (RDS) for online trains tickets bookings.
An account with the IRCTC can be opened by the user with IT PAN Card and the account can be operated with a PIN and a PASSWORD.
To open a Rolling Deposit Scheme account with ‘IRCTC’, the user will have to register with a registration fee of Rs 250/-, which can be redeemed while booing tickets using the ‘RDS’.
The ‘RDS’ account can be topped up online and the minimum amount of top up will be ranging from Rs 1500/- to Rs 2000/-.
Now the refunds on cancellations to the bank accounts take 4 to 5 days and even more.
In the ‘RDS’ case of cancellation of tickets booked using the ‘RDS’, the refund will be made into the account the following day itself.

There will be the facility to track the ‘Transaction History’ for the user.

By opening and using the ‘IRCTC’s ‘RDS’ for booking train tickets online:

  • the users need not have  Bank Accounts / Debit Cards / Credit Cards / Internet Banking,
  • the delay and the complications in the payments from Bank accounts will be avoided, 
  • the delay in getting the refunds for cancellation  will be avoided,
  • the users need not pay the banks’ gateway charges.

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