How to realize the importance and scarcity of Water

“No life on earth can exist without water, And the ceaseless flow of that water cannot exist without rain.”- Thirukkural-Chapter 2- Verse Number 20 -translated in English. The divine poet Thiruvalluvar describes the speciality of rain in his second chapter, followed by his first chapter in praise of God.

As we all know and as per the above Thirukkural, the life of man on earth is impossible without water and we cannot have water in the absence of rain.

“World Water Day” is commemorated on the 22nd of March every year. Every country in the world needs water mainly for drinking and many other purposes of people’s day to day living.

The major source of water in every country is rain. There are rivers, lakes and fountains where water is stored and/or flowing naturally. Also there are man-made dams and reservoirs of water built on rivers for storing and sharing water.

In India there are many rivers throughout the country. Some of the rivers of India are perrenial having water throughout. There are also some rivers which will have water accumulated during rains and when the incoming water flow from rain stops and when all water flows into the oceans the rivers will become dry.

There has been plans of interlinking the major rivers of India to have water for use throughout the country for all times. It is practically very difficult to interlink the rivers of India. In the southern parts of India even there are disputes yet to be resolved, in sharing water from some rivers. This problem of water sharing is due to the division of the country into various states through which some rivers flow. Because of water problems not only the routine life of people gets affected, but also the agricultural activities get affected and consequently, the food production by agriculture gets adversely affected.

The following are some of the major rivers in India:-

  • Sindhu
  • Ganga
  • Yamuna
  • Saraswathi
  • Narmada
  • Godavari
  • Krishna
  • Cauvery
  • Vaigai
  • Thamirabarani
  • Palaru

Even though 75% of the earth is filled with water mostly in the form of oceans, water we require for drinking and other purposes is different from sea-water. We must realize the scarcity of drinking water and use water sparingly and conserve water for our future use. Contaminating water resources like rivers, lakes and pools must be avoided at our places. Water must be recycled as far as possible.

In our houses when we wash our clothes we can reduce the wastage of water as for as possible. Wastage of water by leaking taps and pipelines must be corrected. An awareness must be created to realize the importance and scarcity of water.

We have already started to carry water for drinking in bottles and polythene bags. A time may come when we have to carry water capsules for rinsing our throats, if water resources get diminished in course of time by various reasons. The Governments are making propaganda on saving water and rain water harvest etc. However, the real awareness will be created only if we realize the reality of our water positions.

The natural resource of water rain fails due to Global warming for which our activities are responsible along with other reasons which cannot be avoided. Let us do our part to reduce wastage of natural resources of water and water supplied by the Government authorities by spending a lot of funds, time and energy for the same.

“Save Water. Save Lives”.

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