Is there shortage of Essential Commodities in India?

Everybody is aware of the fact that there is shortage of the following food items in India by the non-availability and the price-rise of the food items:-

  • Rice,
  • Pulses,
  • Edible Oils and
  • Sugar

Recently in the Parliament House, Honble.Union Minister of Finance Minister Mr.Pranab Mukherjee has confirmed the following status of some of the essential commodities:-

  • Edible Oil available is 92 Million Tonnes, against the requirement of 158.64 Million Tonnes.
  • Sugar stock is 16 Million Tonnes, against the requirement of Sugar is 23 Million Tonnes.

The Government is aware of the fact that "price rise" is a matter of concern as it affects the ‘common man’ the most.
In the Parliament Session, on 1st December 2009, the Finance Minister was replying a question on the shortage of food items.Ms.Brinda Karat, a Communist Party of India-Marxist Leader interrupted the Finance Minister and asked about the status of Sugar.

Mr. Mukherjee lost his temper and shouted at Ms. Karat and expressed his dislike about the member’s behaviour, in interrupting him while answering a question.

However, after calming down, the Finance Minister told that there was shortage of sugar in the country. The Government will take the necessary steps to tackle the issue.

To increase the production levels of the essential commodities will be a long-term solution. Production increase is not in the control of any Government.

Imports of rice, oil and sugar can be increased to supplement the need of the people. Increase in import will affect the economy of the country in foreign exchange.

The Government has to take the right step to bring the status of essential commodities to a safe level.

Let us hope that the situation will be eased at the earliest, to avoid people losing patience in the matter.

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