Road Safety Short Film “Idhu Thagumo” in Tamil by a Police HC – A Review

A ‘Traffic  Police Head Constable’ of Coimbatore in Tamilnadu, Mr.Mahendran has directed, produced and acted in a short film on Traffic Safety, in Tamil by name ‘Idhu Thagumo? ‘,meaning ‘Is this Right?’

The Tamil version of ‘Idhu Thagumo’ short film is for a duration of 13 Minutes and 26 Seconds.

The short film has also been dubbed in Hindi by name ‘Kyahe yek shahike’.

The Tamil version of the film, produced one year back got  the clearance of ‘Film Censor Board’ and had been screened in 55 Cinema Theatres in Coimbatore for one year.

The Hindi version of the film will also be screened in Coimbatore theatres by the Rotary Club of Coimbatore, for the benefit of north Indian labourers working in the city who might go the theatres and see the short film.

The short film ‘Idhu Thagumo’ shows how in the city traffic people driving two wheelers, four wheelers, and pedestrians do not obey ‘traffic rules’ and ignore road safety leading to road accidents

The following are some of the key areas focussed by the short film on road safety:

  • Rash Driving
  • Driving without using indicators when taking turns
  • Over-loading of vehicles- dumping school children in auto rickshaws,
  • Carrying iron rods etc for construction works in unsafe manners on the top of mini vans etc.
  • Using mobile phones while driving two wheelers and four wheelers
  • Crossing yellow line in the middle of the road and crossing the stop line near the signals
  • More than 2 persons riding on two wheelers,
  • Driving 2 wheelers without wearing the life saving ‘helmets’
  • Vehicles not giving way to emergent vehicles such as ‘fire engines’ and ‘ambulances’,
  • Pedestrians crossing the roads in heavy traffic without caring for signals and ignoring fast moving traffic and crossing roads anywhere except on the zebra crossing areas meant for pedestrian crossing)
However, the short film has not covered the traffic signals ( the confusions and non-working of signals) and the traffic police in action, especially, their so called checking for ‘important papers’ and use of mobile phones and non wearing of helmets overloading of vehicles and more persons riding on two wheelers.(how the checking of important papers and collection ‘very important papers’ are carried out by some or many of the cops on the roads and the manner how they treat the people on the road.

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mithra swagath
mithra swagath
8 years ago

nice one

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