“Aadhaar Card” is NOT MANDATORY/COMPULSORY in India- Supreme Court of India

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The Supreme Court of India has reiterated on 16th March 2015, that :

  • No person should be denied any benefit or “suffer” for not having the Aadhaar Cards issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India/UIDAI
  • The  Supreme Court India has issued a stern warning to the Government, on learning that many Government Authorities still insist on “Aadhaar” for providing Government Subsidies and basic services to ordinary citizens and stressed that the authorities and officials who insist on ‘Aadhaar” card will be taken to task.

Earlier, on 20th October 2013, the Supreme Court of India restrained the Government of India from issuing ‘Aadhaar’ cards to immigrants living in India without proper identification and made it clear that no citizen should be denied benefits for non possession of the ‘Aadhar Card’.

Again on 24th March 2014, the Supreme Court of India directed the Government of India to withdraw all notifications making ‘Aadhaar Cards’ mandatory for availing benefits under social securtiy schemes.

It is notable that, the LPG companies have started insisting on ‘Aadhaar Card” and “Aadhaar Card- Linked Bank Account” for availing the Government of India’s subsidy, under the Government of India’s  “Direcet Benefit Transfer” /DBT-Scheme.

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