Staying inside Airconditioned Room for a long time will affect your health

What is Airconditioning?
Temperature of our living rooms will change with the change in the atmospheric temperature. The temperature will change during daytime and night time. Normally, days will be hotter because of the presence of Sun, the largest natural source of heat. And the nights will be cool as the sun sets in the evening. Also the atmospheric temperature will change due to the hot and the cool air-flows, to and fro land and sea.

In summer, the room temperature will increase too high and during winter, the room temperature will be too low. The normal temperature of our human body is approximately, 37 degrees Centigrade or 98.6 degrees Forenheit. The Freezing Point of water is Zero Degree Centigrade, but water will begin to freeze at 4 degrees Centigrade. The human body consists of 75% of water, and so it will be difficult for human survival at temperatures, below 4 degrees Centigrade. The minimum/maximum temperatures bearable by human body will be some 4 degrees below/above the normal temperature. Some people can bear high temperatures while some people can bear low temperatures, depending on the place of birth and dwelling.

Both too hot and too cold temperatures will be harmful. To keep the room temperature at a desirable range, a Scientific procedure called “Airconditionering” is used. When it is too hot the “Airconditioner” will reduce the temperature, and when it is too cold and will increase the temperature.

What is the effect of our being inside an Airconditioned room for a long time, continuosly?
Normally, it is not harmful to be inside an Airconditioned room, if the Airconditioner is kept clean without formation of Molds/Fungi. Molds are Microscopic Fungi, a group of organisms such as mushrooms and yeasts. Fungi are highly adapted to grow and reproduce rapidly, producing spores and mycelia in the process. Molds formed inside houses and outdoor are of different kinds.

Because of Molds,Fungi:-

  • Food items will get spoiled
  • Leaves of plants decay
  • Pieces of wood lying on the wet ground rot
  • Fuzzy black growths on wet windowsills will be formed
  • Paper or fabrics stored in a damp place will get a musty smell and get deformed

Staying in an Air-Conditioned room for a long time will cause:-

  • Dryness of eyeballs
  • Sore eyes
  • Itch in the eyes
  • Eye infections

if toxic molds/fungi are formed inside the Airconditioner. If you sit before your computer, inside an Air-conditioned room looking at the computer monitor for a long time continuosly, the adverse effects on your eyes will be more.

House hold dust will form Molds/Fungi, even in ordinary room temperature. Air-conditioners are one of the main Mold/Fungi producing appliances at your home. It is because air-conditioner is the most suitable place for fungi to grow due to the high density of moisture and dusts inside the machine. The Molds formed inside an airconditioned room are called “Toxic Molds”. Pregnant women, infants, aged people, and people with health problems, such as respiratory diseases or with a weak immune system, are more at risk when exposed to toxic molds. The following are the effects of Molds and Toxic Molds:-

  • Allergies
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Headaches
  • Flu
  • Cognitive problems
  • Skin Irritation

Molds/Fungi will not grow on dry and airy places. To eradicate fungi and mold formation inside the airconditioner, you have to turn on the ‘air-only’ switch and allow the ventilator to send air out. You have to do it for one to two hours after the air cooler is switched off everyday to avoid Molds/Fungi formation. Normally the air filters in the Airconditioners will be periodically cleaned, while cleaning inside the machine will be ignored. You can sit inside an Airconditioned room with clean Airconditiner for a long time without any adverse health problems.

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