How do people of India vote in Elections

Do women in India vote according to the wishes of their husbands/fathers/other men in their families?

It will appear that women in India are less interested in politics. We may guess that women in India are guided by the men of their families and vote as per the guidance/advice/influence. However, in these days women empowerment is getting more and more popular. We can find that women too have their own views about the country’s politics and government. We cannot say that women vote guided by the men in their families.

Do a large percentage of Muslims vote in India and do they vote for muslims and muslim party candidates ?

It will appear that many muslims are voting by seeing the muslims in the queues for voting; however it is not true that more percentage of muslims vote compared to Hindus. Also in India muslims do not prefer to vote for muslims and muslim candidates and they have their preference by political parties, local trend and personal preferences for parties and candidates.

Do the youth of India have different preferences in voting ?

There is some misconception that youth in India are a separate political block and they have different preferences of voting. It is true that about 65% of the voting population is below the age of 35 years. However, the youth do not thing in revolutionary ways and vote differently. In fact majority of the youth will be in their crucial period of education and job-seeking and only a small portion of the youth will be shown to be very active in politics. The political and voting preferences of the youth in India will be almost in the same lines as of the elders. Every political party will have its youth wing; however we can notice that the youth wing will be headed by an old person only not necessarily by a youth. The ultimate aim of the political parties will be to attract the support and the votes from the youth.

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