How is “Super-Star”-Rajnikanth Now?

“Super-Star-Rajni” was admitted in Isabella Hospital and Ramachandra Medical College Hospital, for treatment of some ailments such as:

  • Viral Fever,
  • Breathing Trouble and
  • Bronchitis.

Super-star –Rajni was busy in his present film “Raana” by Director K.S.Ravikumar and he attended the “Film-launch” with viral fever, against his doctor’s advice to take rest.

As his viral fever was aggravated because of stress and strain, it was necessary to admit Rajni in hospitals for treatment.

It was told that Rajni would be taken to USA for treatment. However, he has been treated by US doctors in Chennai itself.

As in the cases of all Popular public personalities, there have been guesses and rumors about Super-Star Rajni’s health condition and even his survival.

According to the latest news from his family members such as his :

  • Elder Brother,
  • Daughter and
  • Son-in-law Actor Dhanush

Super-star Rajnikanth has been shifted out of ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and is taking ‘bed-rest’ in private room, accompanied by his family members.

Rajni is said to be taking normal food and watch Television. As advised by doctors, visitors have been restricted, as of now.

It is eagerly hoped that Rajni will come to normalcy soon and continue his present film “Raana”.

“Super-star” Rajni is 60 years old and his health conditions are not very good due to:

  • His Smoking Habit and
  • Drinking Habits.

Rajni is ‘Super-star’and his not a “Super-Man”; we must have this in mind and get a lesson from Rajni’s life.

Rajni’s fans and well-wishers must take only the good qualities of Rajni such as:

  • Self-confidence,
  • Hard-work,
  • Dedication in Profession etc.

And, avoid bad and dangerous habits.

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