List of Various Types of Prisons/Jails in India

In India the administration and the management of the  prisons/jails  in the States are done  by the governments of the states and as per:

  • The 7th Schedule of the Constitution of India-item number 4-under the lists of the states in India,
  • The ‘Prisons Act 1894’,
  •  ‘Prisoners Act 1900’,
  • The Transfer of Prisoners Act of 1950 of the Union Government of India and
  • The ‘Prison Manuals’ of  the respective states.

The Central Government of India will provide assistance to the states in Administration and Management of Prisons for the following:

  • To improve security in prisons,
  • For the repair and renovation of old prisons,
  • For the medical facilities,
  • For  development of borstal schools/minors’ jails,
  • Facilities to women prisoners
  • For vocational training,
  • For modernization of prison industries,
  • For training to prison personnel and
  • For the creation of high security enclosures.
According to ‘The Supreme Court of India’ –Judgements on various aspects of prison administration, 3 broad principles  regarding imprisonment and custody are as given below:
  • A person in prison does not become a ‘Non-Person”
  • A person in prison is entitled to all human rights within the limitations of imprisonment.
  • There is no justification for aggravating the suffering already inherent in the process of incarceration.
The following is a list of types of prisons in India, the number of prisons of each type and the capacity of the prisons:

No./Type of Prison/Description/ Number of Prisons/Capacity of Prisons

1.    Central Jails/ larger capacity with rehabilitation facilities /123/1,37,249

2.    District Jails/Main prisons in states and union territories not having central jails/333/1,24,768
3.    Sub Jails/Small prisons in Sub-Divisonal levels/809/50,908

4.    Women Jails/For Women only/19/4,271

5.    Open Jails/For specific good convicts-prisoners engaged in Agricultural Activities/44 /3,766
6.    Borstal Schools/Minors’ Jail-Rehabiliation centres-Vocational Training-Education/21/2,218

7.    Special Jails /High security-special arrangements-for  convicts of terrorism, insurgency and violent crimes/ 30 /9,279

8.    Other Jails /Not under the above 7 types/3 / 323
Total /Types of Jails: 8/Number of Jails:1382/Total Capacity  of Prisoners:3,32,782

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