Why there is Power Cut in Tamilnadu ?

Shortage of Power and the Power Cuts in Tamilnadu are due to the following reasons:-

• Theft of Power:- Power thefts by factories, farms etc. are increasing and remedial measures are expected to be taken at appropriate levels.
• Non-Stringent/Over-usage of power by the Consumers/Public:-
Awareness must be created in the minds of the consumers, to use power stringently.
• Wastage of Power in Functions: Both in the private functions and public functions steps must be taken to reduce over-use of decorative lights etc.
• Shortage of Power Generation/Supply:- At Neyveli, the workers are on agitation/strike on various demands, which affects thermal power generation.
• Tamil Nadu is at present getting only 7,195 MW of power against the requirement of 8,000 MW.
• Wind mills are supplying 1,500 MW
• Hydel sources 1,000 MW
• Thermal 2,520 MW
• Power stations using gas are generating 321 MW.
• The state is getting 1,754 MW from the central pool, besides 100 MW from Kerala.
• The situation will not ease till the Russian-aided Koodankulam Nuclear Power station’s first unit is commissioned next year.

Union Minister of State for Power Shri.Jayram Ramesh said that the entire country was facing a power shortage and the status quo could prevail for another six months.
However, for he first time in the recent past Tamilnadu is facing acute shortage of power. So,power cuts have been implemented in all parts of Tamilnadu, in the following rates.
• In Chennai city- 90 minutes
• In sub-urban areas- three hours
• In other places six hours

Based on the above facts, a Public Interest Litigation Petition(PIL) has been filed in Madras High Court.
The following is the News related to the above PIL filed and we have to see the outcome.

QUOTE:-“The Madras High Court Wednesday, the 10th September 2008, ordered the State government of Tamilnadu, to bring into force an exclusive policy on thrift usage of electricity and detailing guidelines for the public notice through advertisements on how to save power on a daily basis.

In an interim order issued on a public interest litigation (PIL), a division bench of Chief Justice A K Ganguly and Justice Ibrahim Kalifullah said the government should implement the policy for reducing power consumption within four weeks and prevent electricity theft through strict enforcement of law.

Taking a harsh tone, the judges pulled up the government for its lax enforcement which led to power theft at a time when Tamilnadu was reeling under power crisis.

Under a PIL filed by Vaseekaran, it was mentioned that the public had to suffer daily hardship because of the six hours of power cut.

Besides, there were unscheduled power cuts in many parts of the city adding to the misery of the public. ‘It is due to sheer administrative inefficiency of the government the people have to suffer from both regular and unscheduled power cuts in the day,’ the PIL said.

Further, it was announced that the power cut would be extended from six to eight hours daily and if such a move was implemented it would led to ‘irreparable loss to the people’.

Already, the existing power cuts had affected badly the farmers, small and tiny industries, hospitals and educational institutions. Each day, a small small unit had to incur a minimum loss of Rs 10,000 due to power cut, the PIL said.

While the government had announced tax cuts for diesel being used in industries, the scarcity of this fuel had led to the downing of shutters in many enterprises. In sharp contrast, government functions, cabinet meetings, political events and public meetings were being held with the electricity drawn illegally from other sources, claimed the PIL.

‘When there is acute power shortage for essential needs, the scarce energy is being wasted for extravagant shows and functions,’ according to the litigant.

Moreover, he requested the division bench to order the government for banning such extravagant functions and the State must curtail down on organising such meetings of pomp and splendour.

Hearing the PIL case, Chief Justice Ganguly asked the government pleader whether there was a policy had been formulated to save power consumption. Replying to the query, the lawyer said those who steal power would be convicted under the Indian Penal Code. To this, Ganguly wondered then why the culprits using stolen power had not be booked under the relevant IPC sections.

The Chief Justice ordered the government to formulate an exclusive policy on saving power and advertise the guidelines on electricity usage for the benefit of wider public. He gave four weeks time for the government to implement the court order”-UNQUOTE.

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11 years ago

its funny to know that govt is saying 6-8 hrs powercut in reality it is 16-18 hrs in my place called mannivakkam,chennai-48, just one km away the power cut is just 1-2hrs daily becoz of city limit.All these political partys do nothing instead stage dharna and steal electricity and peace of mind of common people.E.B chairman says its equal powercut to industries as well gen. consumers which is a big fat lie, now a days people cant be fooled that easily. its going to b worse, people revolution should start… i think…

11 years ago

pls don't power cut

12 years ago

Nowadays power cut problem is the major problem.Govt will take steps for that problem.

12 years ago

pls reduce power cut time

14 years ago

to know more about power cut in tamil nadu, electricity act 2003 and electricity industry please hear the audio.



the audio file plays in quick time player

15 years ago

Well said ! It should also be noted that most of the power is wasted by the Govt. servants which causes a huge loss for others.