The Madras High Court Stayed Release of “Ulaga Nayagan” Kamal Hassan’s “Viswaroopam” in Tamilnadu

“Ulaga Nayagan”- Kamal Hassan’s- 95 Crores-Multi-Lingual Film “Viswaroopam” was scheduled to be released in Cinema theatres of Tamilnadu on 25th January 2013.

Muslims in Tamilnadu  have alleged that the film “Viswaroopam” has showed Muslims as “Terrorists” and it is hurting the sentiments of Muslims.

Ande th representatives of  about 20 Muslim organizations in Tamilnadu  had given a Petition to the Home Secretary of Tamil Nadu State,  demanding to  ban the film “Viswaroopam”. 

Accordingly, the Government of Tamilnadu has banned on 23rd January 2013, the release of “Viswaroopam” in Tamilnadu for 15 days from 25th January 2013.

Kamal Hassan is at present touring  in the United States of India, for promoting his film “Viswaroopam” and  screening the premier of the Hindi Version of the film in Los Angeles for international audience.

Kamal Hassan has moved the Madras High Court, challenging the prohibitory orders of the Government of Tamilnadu, preventing the screening of the film in the Tamilnadu Theatres,  for 15 days from 25th January 2013.

However, the Madras High Court has said that it  will review the film on 26th January 2013 and issue the final orders on 28th January 2013 on  Kamal Hassan’s petition.

The Madras High Court  has stayed the release of the film “Viswaroopam” in Tamilnadu Theatres till 28th January 2013.

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