Internet Surfing-Good Mental Exercise for Old People

Is your Grand-father/ Father feeling lonely and bored at his old age, after his retirement? Teach him Internet Surfing and let him have practice in frequent Internet Surfing. It will be a very good and useful companion to him, as well as a very good mental exercise.

As we need exercise for our body, we need exercise for our mind/brain also. Many pass-time activities such as puzzles, memory games, hidden objects game etc. are some mental exercises. Recent researches have revealed that Internet Surfing is one of the best mental exercise, especially for middle-aged and old people. Internet Surfing has been found to help the function of human brain at a higher level.

In the process of ageing, the Stuctural and Functional parts of human brain get affected. Atrophy, which reduces brain cell activities and increases the deposits of Amyloid Plaques, are related to Alzheimer’s disease, affecting the Cognitive function of the brain. By mental exercises, such as Internet Surfing, the above conditions can be avoided. Internet Surfing increase the activities of the brain, in Tempora, Parietal and Occipital lopes of the brain which are controlling Language, Reading and Memory functions.As we are getting old we take care to maintain the health of our body by nutritious food and supplements and physical exercises such as tennis, yoga and walking, atleast after having some health problem/s and because of the advice of our doctor or family members. But, we normally ignore the need of exercise to our brain.

Some old people used to say, “What is in Internet? It is a waste of time and energy. We get our daily News and other matters from Newspapers ,Magazines and Television Programs.” They might have been avoiding using Computers and Internet, with a fear, aversion or hesitation called “Cyber-phobia.” They have to come out of their mental stigma. They can start surfing on the Internet at any age. Learning Internet surfing does not require advanced technical knowledge. Even language is not a hinderance, as Surfing is availabel in many languages, apart from English. It can be learned provided they have and interest and a passion for the same.

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