Wipro Chairman Azim Premji received Globlal Vision Award

Mr.Azim Premji, Chairman of Wipro Ltd, has been awarded the US-India Business Council’s (USIBC) 34th Anniversary “Global Vision” award in Washington for his work furthering India-US relations through commercial partnership.

In view of this award, Mr. Azim Premji will make a donation in his name, to “Operation Smile”, a children’s charity treating facial deformities. By this donation 14 children will receive life changing surgery during Operation Smile’s August 2009 medical mission to Gujarat.

Mr.Azim Premji took charge of Wipro when he was 21 years old, following his father’s death and he is 62 years old now. He has converted Wipro from a US$2 Million company into a US$2.5 Billion Global company. Mr.Premji will continue to lead Wipro and he is not having any idea as of now, of handing over Wipro to his son who is 31 years old now.

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