Select the right Pillow for a Good Sleep

We must give importance to the pillow we use for sleeping. We must not ignore pillow as a humble thing . If we choose and use a right pillow under our head and neck we can have a nice and comfortable sleep and we will wake up fresh in the morning. If we use a wrong pillow then we will have neck pain and sometimes we will find it difficult to move the head from side to side.

Pillow of the right quality and size will help us to have a good sleep without neck or back pain. The choice of our pillow will depend upon our sleeping posture or position. If we sleep on our back, then we have to choose a medium loft, denser pillow to fully support our neck and head correctly.

And if we sleep on our sides then we have to choose a more firm and substantial pillow so that our spine is actually aligned for the most comfortable sleep possible. And if we sleep on our stomach, then we must choose a thinner, softer pillow, which will help us to avoid positions that will put lots or stress on our spine, which will lead to back and neck pain.

Apart form choosing the thickness and density of our pillow, we must choose the material filled in our pillow. We can have natural cotton or silk-cotton or wool or synthetic foam. We may choose either natural filling or synthetic foam filling pillow suitable for our requirements of size, thickness and softness etc.

Depending on the quality of the filling material, and the covers, we will have to necessarily replace pillow, the most important thing for our good and comfortable sleep. We must carryour pillow when we travel in train and go to some other place, which will enable us to sleep well not only during travel but also in the other place of our visit and stay.

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