Automatic Ticket Vending Machines installed in Delhi Railway Stations

Automatic Token Vending Machines(TVM’s) for issue of tickets in Delhi Metro Trains have been installed in four railways stations in Delhi:-

  • Rajiv Chowk station-Two Machines
  • Vishwavidyalaya-One Machine
  • Central Secretariat-One Machine
  • Barakhamba-One Machine

The passengers can use the Touch-Screen, user-friendly TVM’s with the display of details of fare etc in English and Hindi, and use Rs50/-and Rs10/- currency notes and Rs5/-and Re1/-coins for getting the tickets according to their choices.
The Machines have been so designed that they will not accept soiled/mutilated and fake currency notes.
Let us hope that the TVM’s will be soon installed in major railways stations in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad also.
However, the Platform Tickets Vending Machines at some Stations in Tamilnadu, like Chennai Egmore and Tiruchirappalli are mostly out of order for reasons best known only to the Railway officials.
At Chennai Egmore passengers/public have to rush from one end to the other for getting the Platform-tickets. It is a good idea to make a rule that only passengers who are going to travel should enter the platform. However, for sending off elderly and sick persons it is inevitable for the relatives and friends to step into the platforms.

Will the Southern Railway Officials look into the matter and keep the Platform ticket machines in working condition?

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vending machines
vending machines
13 years ago

Thanks for sharing information. To buy tickets through these vending machines is very easy. There is no need to wait for a man to buy tickets…