List of International Trips of Dr Manmohan Singh From 2004 To 2013

India’s Prime Minister-Dr.Manmohan Singh is said to be a reluctant traveler.

However, as the Prime Minister, (for a consecutive 2 Terms in UPA I and UPA II) he could not avoid international trips, as the country’s situations demand for the international trips of the Prime Minister.

So, Dr.Manmohan Singh has so far had 73 International trips from the year 2004 to the year 2013 till date.

The expenditures for Dr.Manmohan Singh’s International trips is said to be more than Rs 650 Crores in the past 10 years.

By perusing the list of his international trips, Dr.Manmohan Singh you may tend to call him a “Non-Resident Prime Minister of India”.

Most of the Prime Minister of India’ s international trips, such as to attend “Summits” and “UNO” Meets are unavoidable.

The main criticism about Dr Manmohan Singh’s International Trips are that , out of about 40 International trips of Dr.Manmohan Singh, in his UPA II tenure, more than  15 international trips have  been during the time of the Indian Parliamentary sessions.

The following is a List of International Trips undertaken by the Indian Prime Minister, Dr.Manmohan Singh from the year 2004 to the year 2013 (Till Date-As of now he is in his Russia and China Trip from 20th October 2013 to 24th October 2013)

Year and Number of Trips/City/Country/Purpose and Duration of Visit
1.    Bangkok/Thailand/29th July 2004- 31st July 2004  
2.    London/United Kingdom-/19th September 2004- 26th September 2004
3.    Hague/Netherlands-Representing India-in the 5th India- European Union Summit/EU/ 7th November 2004- 10th November 2004
4.    Vientiane/Laos / Representing India in the 10th ASEAN Summit/28th November 2004 – 30th November 2004

1.    Mauritius/Mainly to inaugurate an 11-storeyed state-of-the-art Cyber Tower, built with Indian assistance/ 30th March 2005- 2nd April 2005
2.    Jakarta/Indonesia/to attend Asia-Africa Summit / 22nd April 2005 -24th April 2005
3.    Moscow/Soviet Russia/ to participate in the VE Day /Victory in Europe Day/Victory Day Celebrations / 8th May 2005 – 10th May 2005
4.    Auchterarder/ Scotland, United Kingdom/To attend the 31st G-8 Summit hosted by the British Prime Minister Tony Blair held at the Gleneagles Hotels /6th July 2005 – 9th July 2005
5.    Washington/United States of America/USA /in response to the invitation from the President of the USA, George W Bush/16th July 2005- 21st July 2005
6.    Kabul/Afghanistan/28th August 2005 – 29th August 2005
7.    New York/USA/ to attend the United Nations Organization’s /UNO’s General Assembly/11th September 2005 – 15th September 2005  And to France on 15thSeptember 2005 on his way back home from New York
8.    Dhaka/Bangladesh/To attend the 13th South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation/SAARC Summit / 11th November 2005- 13th November 2005
9.    Moscow/ Russia/ 4th December 2005 – 7th December 2005
10.    Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia/2005- to attend the first Indo-ASEAN Summit  held on 14th December 2005 /11th December 2005- 14th December
11.    Germany and Uzbekistan /22nd April 2006- 26th April 2006   

1.    St. Petersburg /Russia /to attend the Outreach Session of G-8 Summit/16th July 2006- 18th July 2006
2.    Brazil and Cuba/10th September 2006- 18th September 2006
3.    In Brasilia/ Brazil /attended the Trilateral Summit of India, Brazil and South Africa/IBSA /In the 14th Non-Aligned Movement/NAM Summit held at Havana, Cuba
4.    Dr Manmohan Singh had talks with the President of Pakistan, Parvez Musharraf and decided to resume the composite dialogue process between India and Pakistan which was on hold since July 2011 Mumbai blasts
5.    Johannesburg/ South Africa/30th September 2006 – 3rd October 2006
6.    London/United Kingdom /in response to the invitation of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair And Helsinki, Finland/ to attend the 7th India-EU Summit /9th October 2006-14th October 2006
7.    Japan/ A Joint Statement ‘Towards Japan-India Strategic and Global Partnership’ was signed by the Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and the Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe/13th December 2006 – 16th December 2006

1.    Cebu/ Philippines / To attend the 5th ASEAN-India Summit and the 2nd East Asia Summit/13th January 13, 2007 -15th  January  2007
2.    Berlin/Germany /To attend G 8 Summit held at the Baltic resort of Heiligendamm /6th June 2007- 9th June 2007
3.    Nigeria /in response to the invitation of the President of Nigeria Alhaji Umaru Yar Adua and to South Africa/ to attend the second India-Brazil-South Africa /IBSA- Summit held at Pretoria on 17th October 2007/14th October 2007- 18th October 2007
4.    Moscow/ Russia/ A visit according to the tradition of holding annual summit meetings between the heads of India and Russia/ 11th November 2007-13th November 2007
5.    Singapore/ To attend the 6th India-ASEAN Summit and 3rd East Asia Summit/20th November  2007 – 21st  November  2007
6.    Uganda,/South Africa/To attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government meet/CHOGM/ 22nd November 2007- 25th November  2007

1.    Beijing/ China-/13th January  2008-15th  January  2008
2.    Bhutan/ addressed a joint session of the first elected Parliament of Bhutan/ 16th May 2008- 17th  May  2008-
3.    Japan/to attend the G-8 Summit held at Toyako, island of Hokkaido/ 7th July  2008 – 9th  July  2008
4.    Colombo/ Srilanka/ to attend SAARC Summit/  1st August  2008-3rd August 2008
5.    UNO, USA and  France/ 22nd September   2008- 1st October 2008
6.    Japan and China /for the ASEM Summit/21st October 2008- 25th October  2008
7.    Oman and Qatar/ 8th November 2008-10th November  2008
8.    Washington/USA/ for G-20 Summit/ 13th November 2008- 16th November 2008

1.    United Kingdom /for G-20 Summit/31st March 2009- 3rd  April  2009
2.    Russia/ to attend the  BRIC and SCO Summits/15th June 2009- 17th June  2009
3.    Italy /to attend the  G8-G5 Summit/ 7th July 2009- 10th July 2009
4.    France and Egypt/ for NAM Summit-/13th July 2009-16th July 2009
5.    Pittsburgh/ USA/ for the G-20 Summit/ 24th September 2009 -25th September 2009
6.    Thailand/ for the India- ASEAN and EAS Summits/ 23rd October 2009- 25th October 2009
7.    United States of America/USA, Trinidad and Tobago/ for CHOGM/21st November 2009- 28th November 2009
8.    Russia/ 6th December 2009- 8th  December  2009
9.    Copenhagen/ 17th December 2009 – 17th December 2009

1.    Saudi Arabia/27th February 2010- 1st March 2010
2.    USA/ for Nuclear Security Summit and Brazil for IBSA and BRIC Summits/ 10th April 2010-17th April   2010
3.    Bhutan/ for SAARC Summit/ 28th April 2010- 30th April  2010
4.    Canada/to attend the G-20 Summit/ 25th June 2010- 29th June  2010
5.    Japan, Malaysia and  Vietnam/24th October 2010-30th October 2010
6.    South Korea /10th November 2010- 12th November 2010
7.    Belgium and Germany/9th December 2010 – 12th  December 2010

1.    China and Kazakhstan/12th April 2011 – 16th April 2011
2.    Afghanistan / 12th May  2011- 13th May  2011
3.    Ethiopia and Tanzania/23rd May  2011- 28th  May  2011
4.    Bangladesh /6th September  2011- 7th  September  2011
5.    South Africa/17th October  2011 – 19th October  2011
6.    Cannes /for G-20 Summit/2nd November 2011 – 5th November  2011
7.    Maldives /9th November 2011 – 12th November  2011
8.    Bali Islands/ for the India-ASEAN and EAS Summits  And to Singapore/ 17th November  2011 – 20th November  2011
9.    Moscow /Russia/for the India – Russia summit/ 15th December  2011 – 17th December  2011

1.    Republic of Korea /for the Nuclear Security Summit  /23rd March 2012 -27th  March  2012
2.    Myanmar/27th May  2012 – 29th May  2012
3.    Mexico/ for G-20 Summit And Brazil /for UN Conference on Sustainable Development/16th June  2012 – 23rd June 2012
4.    Tehran for NAM Summit/August 28, 2012 – August 31, 2012
5.    Cambodia /for the India-ASEAN Summit/18th November 2012 – 20 November  2012 

1.    Durban /South Africa/for the BRICS Summit/25th March 25, 2013 – 29th March  2013    
2.    Germany/10th April 2013 -12th  April  2013  
3.    Japan and Thailand/27th May  2013 – 31st May 2013   
4.    St. Petersburg/ Russia /to attend the  G-20 Summit/4th September 2013 – 7th September, 2013
5.    USA/25th September  2013 – 1st October 2013
6.    Brunei and Indonesia/ 9th October 2013 – 12th October 2013   
7.    Russia and China/ 20th October  2013 -24th  October 2013

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