Will wearing Tight Pants affect Our Health?

Will wearing tight pants become a fashion now? Will you prefer to wear tight pants? Will wearing tights be comfortable to you? Is wearing tight pants affect your health?

The fashion of dressing of both men and women is undergoing continuous changes and the old fashions often reappear as a new fashions in a cyclic manner. In order to increase their business,the dress manufacturers and the fashion designers will be always working on introducing new fashions. The change of fashion is normally initiated and influenced by:-

  • Dress manufacturers
  • Tailors
  • Fashion Designers
  • Popular public personalities/ celebrities such as cine actors and actresses. The above three other category of people will use the popular celebrities’ names in launching a new style or fashion in dress.

Once upon a time, wearing tight pants had been a fashion. Nowadays the fashion is changing to baggies, bell bottomed, parallel bells and broad bottomed pants. If and when tight pants become a fashion again what are you going to do?

In the period from the years 1980 to1990, there had been discussions and researches over the matter of wearing tight pants. It was commonly felt that wearing tight pants would affect men’s health in particular, and women’s health also. However,it was not scientifically proved that wearing pants will affect men’s fertility. But wearing tight pants will be uncomfortable for normal body movements, especially, the hip joint movements. Because the tight pants will obstruct blood circulation and compress nerves, wearing tight pants will be unhealthy. Wearing tights will increase in temperature in the groins, and rashes will be formed in the area and urinary infections will be caused to both men and women.

You can adapt any new fashion as and when introduced, bearing in mind that:-

  • dress is basically for covering your body,
  • protecting you from nature, and also
  • for good appearance/fashion.
  • Your dressing style should be comfortable and healthy.

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